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Having a tummy that performs peekaboo from your tee or shirt is the most humiliating thing ever. Moreover, people start giving you nicknames like “fatty,” “bear,” “panda,” and more, and this lowers your morale.

Hitting the gym is hard when you don’t have enough time in your routine to go there and do the workout. Besides, maintaining a regime and following it is a big challenge for some indolent lads.

Bid adieu to bulge out tummy with this exotic Inchdown Tummy Trimmer Abs Exerciser and turn your protruding belly into a flat one.

Inchdown Tummy Trimmer helps you to Maintain your Body at Home. It helps to strengthen your Arms, Legs, Hips, Thighs and works on your tummy at the same time.

Inchdoen Tummy Trimmer Double Spring

Inchdown Tummy Trimmer Uses: 



  • LOSE INCHES, FAT AND SHAPE YOUR BODY:INCHDOWN tummy trimmer ab exercises target your Arms, Tummy, Shoulders, Legs, and Butt. Inchdown Tummy Trimmer single spring, double spring or tummy trimmer triple spring helps to lose fat , reduce Inches and get shape your body.
  • GAIN MUSCLE:Inchdown double spring tummy trimmer is more effective for gaining muscle without any risk of dropping a heavy weight dumbbell on your foot. You need not require a lot of space as treads or bicycles.
  • ABDOMEN, ARM & CHEST EXERCISE: Inchdown Tummy Trimmer Ab Exerciser isIdeal for toning & strengthening the Stomach, Legs, Arms, Hips, and Thighs. The stainless steel material makes the exercise easy for you.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE:Easy to store, and can be used anytime anywhere. It’s your home gym partner and the Best Gift for Your Friends, Families, and Colleagues. You can perform more than five exercises and can do sit-ups, leg-lifts, bicep-curls, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions:



Q: Does Inchdown Tummy Trimmer really work?
A: Yes, Inchdown Tummy trimmer helps in enhancing your core strength by making your arms, biceps and chest stronger. Tummy Trimmer is also used in toning your hips and thighs making it full-body workout equipment.

Q: Does Tummy Trimmer ab Exerciser reduce belly fat?
A: Yes, Inchdown Tummy trimmer helps in reducing your belly fat.

Q: Which Tummy Trimmer is best?
A: Many tummy trimmers are made out of Springs, Inchdown Tummy trimmer is made out of Good Quality Stainless Steel which is safe and has high resistance.

Q: What is the benefit of Inchdown Tummy Trimmer?
A: Inchdown Tummy trimmer double spring ab exerciser is used as a workout tool for your arms, tummy, shoulders, legs, and butt.

Inchdown Tummy Trimmer Features:


  • DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY:The Inchdown tummy trimmer for men and women has quality stainless steel material, featured with widening contoured footrest for safety and durability.


  • UPGRADED PREMIUM QUALITY:Inchdown tummy trimmer is made of the highest quality premium stainless steel material, which serves a long time and provides maximum resistance. Inchdown tummy trimmer is Economical, lightweight, and portable.


  • UPGRADED FOOT PEDAL DESIGN:Widened and lengthed contoured foot pedals, provide you with a comfortable exercise experience. With fixed sturdy foot pedal interior design, Elastic Sit Up Equipment featured with long-lasting use.


Inchdown Tummy Trimmer Ab Exercises

1) Waist Exercise:

waist Exercise
  • Sit on the floor and keep your upper body vertical to the floor. Hold the handle and put your feet on the pads. Now get to the position, as shown in the picture.
  • Lean your upper body and do sit-up exercises with the help of a resistance band. Repeat the exercise for 20-30 times.


2) Shoulder Exercise:

waist Exercise
  • Stand straight and put your feet on the pads. Now hold the handles with both the hands and pull the band till the chest level.
  • After you pull the band to your chest level slowly lower the hand to its rest position. Repeat the exercise for 20-30 times.

3) Arm Exercises:

waist Exercise
  • Sit on the chair and put your feet on the pads. Hold the handles and get to the position, as shown in the picture.
  • Now keep the pads on the floor and slowly pull the handle upwards as shown in the picture. Repeat both the exercise for 15-20 times.

4) Leg Exercise:

waist Exercise
  • Lay down on the floor and put your feet on the pads. Now hold on the handlebar and slowly lift your legs upward.
  • Keep lifting till the leg reaches a 90-degree angle with the floor. Repeat this exercise for 20-30times.

Inchdown Tummy Trimmer Extra Exercise Features:



  • Inchdown tummy trimmer is made out of supreme quality Stainless Steel, which has high tensile strength. Inchdown tummy trimmer is being tested thousands of times for tensile testing. It is safe and durable than the other ordinary single, double or triple spring tummy trimmer available in the market.
  • Inchdown tummy trimmer has extensive uses. It helps to strengthen your Arms, Legs, Hips, Thighs and works on your tummy simultaneously.
  • It is beneficial and easy to use. It consists of a contoured foam coated handle and foam pedals to fit into your hands and feet nicely.
  • Inchdown Tummy trimmer for men and women is Portable, lightweight, easy to store and can be used anywhere and anytime. Perfect for Crossfit, Yoga & Fitness Classes.
  • Inchdown Tummy Trimmer has no side effects. Tummy trimmers with single and double springs may injure you and the rust in the springs can be dangerous to your health.



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