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INCHDOWN Tummy Trimmer Double Spring Sweat Slim Belt; Ab Exerciser Combo

2,598.00 1,299.00

Men and Women Fitness Equipment for Home (Free Size; Yellow)


Product Highlights

  • Increased Height + Wider Foot Pedal
  • High Grade Rust Free Stainless Steel
  • 360 Degree Rotating Pedal
  • Portable + Easy To Use Fitness Equipment
  • No.1 Ab Exercise Equipment
  • Do Exercise Anytime Anywhere

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Inchdown Tummy Trimmer Double Spring Sweat Slim Belt (Free Size) Combo - Description



Its innovative equipments help you exercise in the comfort of your home without having to step out. No need of joining expensive gyms or going out into pollution. Workout at home with excellent results and achieve maximum fitness with Fitness Gadgets.

TUMMY TRIMMER AB EXERCISER - is one of the most premium products of . It's a compact, portable fitness equipment for home. A simple but highly effective, Tummy Trimmer mainly targets your core - helping you reduce belly fat and keep your abdomen taut and fit. Tummy Trimmer Ab Exerciser also helps you keep your shoulders, back, arms and thighs in shape.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Tummy Trimmer Ab Exerciser is designed after taking feedback of thousands of customers. All the problems of ordinary exercise pump are rectified and elements are added, a few are modified to give the user the best experience. Tummy Trimmer is different because it has 14.5 inch spring - 2 inches bigger than those that are available in the market. Plus, the foot pedal is also increased by 2 inches so that men with bigger foot size can use this easily.

5+ EXERCISES - with Tummy Trimmer Ab Exerciser , you can do multiple exercises at home. Comfortable and Safe to Use, Tummy Trimmer can be used to do Ab Crunches, Leg Raises, Sit-Ups, Bicep Curls and more. In your session of Exerciser at home, you can target your belly, buttocks, waist, thighs, hands, arms, shoulders and back.

1 YEAR WARRANTY Tummy Trimmer comes with 1 Year Service Warranty



Inchdown Tummy Trimmer Triple Spring Sweat Slim Belt (Free Size) Combo - Specification


Dimension Length-12.50 Inches, Width: 9 Inches, Weight: 650 Grams
Usage- Abs and Abdominal Workout, Arm Toning and Shoulder Strengthening
Colour- As Per Availability
Warranty- 1 Month Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects




Inchdown Tummy Trimmer Triple Spring Sweat Slim Belt (Free Size) Combo Package Content

1 x Inchdown Tummy Trimmer Triple Spring
1 x Sweat Slim Belt (Free Size)




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