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INCHDOWN Sweat Slim Belt, Toning Belt, Fitness Belt for Men & Women (Black; Free Size)

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Product Highlights


  • Inchdown Sweat Slim Belt is perfect for any forms of workout (i.e.fits S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL).Lose that belly fat fast with sauna effect by preserving body Heat and removes toxins and excess water quicker – rapidly giving you a new lean, flat look.
  • Adjustable and stretchy that is so comfortable you can wear it under any clothes.
  • Tones Abs & Rebuilt Body Posture 
  • A waist trimmer will make you sweat more, it will contribute to body detox and help you burn more fat by keeping the core temperature high and hot.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Inchdown sweat slim ab belt can fit all Sizes Up to 50 inches. (127 cm)

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Inchdown Sweat Slim Belt Description

Reduce your Weight Effectively : Increased body heat helps in reducing weight while working out with tight and comfortable compression. Remains Secured in Place : The fully adjustable INCHDOWN Sweat Belt Premium Waist Trimmer seamlessly adapts to your body. The double Velcro closures ensure that the belt remains secured at all times, without slipping. Quality Material INCHDOWN Sweat Belt Premium Waist Trimmer is designed using good quality Neoprene, which does not contain latex. Improves Posture : Although slimming is the main purpose, wearing the Waist Trimmer gives extra support and compression to lower back, thereby reducing soreness and pain in the back. Universal Size - Fits All : INCHDOWN Sweat Belt Premium Waist Trimmer are well-designed using quality fabric and materials crafted to give the better results, compared to any other Sweat Slim Belt. The intuitive fastening system is easily adjustable and fits almost any waist size. While other belts fall apart at the seams after a few weeks of use, ours is designed and made to stand up to normal wear and tear, using the strictest quality control standards. INCHDOWN Sweat Belt Premium Waist Trimmer is designed with superior craftsmanship to increase body temperature in the abdominal area, which helps in tummy trimming Exercise and the improved burning of calories during exercise. Increased body heat helps to trim your belly fat and removing excess sweat water weight during exercise while the lightweight material prevents heat loss. Designed for Weight loss fitness alongside your collection of workout equipment. Special ANTI SLIP flex design to repel moisture and stress ensuring the prevention of bacteria build up and eliminating unwanted odors common with lower quality variations. This premium grade latex-free neoprene spike sweat slim ab belt can fit up to 45 inches (115 cm). INCHDOWN Sweat Belt Premium Waist Trimmer can be stressed up to 50 inches

Technical Details


Color - Black
Length - 8 Inches
Width - 2 Inches
Height - 15 Inches
Weight - 199 Grams
Material - Type Down
Size - Free Size



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