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Having a tummy that performs peekaboo from your tee or shirt is the most humiliating thing ever. Moreover, people start giving you nicknames like “fatty,” “bear,” “panda,” and more, and this lowers your morale.

Hitting the gym is hard when you don’t have enough time in your routine to go there and do the workout. Besides, maintaining a regime and following it is a big challenge for some indolent lads.

Bid adieu to bulge out tummy with this exotic Inchdown Tummy Trimmer Abs Exerciser and turn your protruding belly into a flat one.


Well, this is innovative equipment designed by Inchdown to turn your bulging tummy into a flat one. It consists of a handle joined to a single spring made of stainless steel, further connected to the pedals. The hinges or joints are quite sturdy and can bear up to 40kgs of the load.

All the fittings are of stainless steel and are rust-free, which means that your product will last longer.

The foot pedal is free to rotate about 360 degrees to do multiple exercises with this original equipment.

Also, this is a compact and portable product, which means that you can keep it anywhere. You need not require a lot of space as treads or bicycles occupy.

Also, it will prevent you from stepping out of your house to do the workout.


It is multi-use equipment that primarily works on your abdominal muscles and helps you burn the excessive adipose from your body.

Also, being a multi-utility product will help you keep your pectoral, pelvic, biceps, leg muscles, and shape more.

It works on your leg muscles, making them robust and keeping them rigid and sturdy.

You can perform more than five exercises and can do sit-ups, leg-lifts, bicep-curls, and more.

It will help you tone your arms, legs, waist, thighs, shoulders, buttocks, belly, and more.


Tummy trimmers are the best portable equipment designed to make your body toned and your muscles robust. Some of the significant advantages that will make you love this product are: –

It will improve your posture if you do the back exercises right.

It is quite easy to use, and it will not occupy much space in your abode.

It works on core abdominal muscles. Thus, you will get the best results within a short duration.

Regular and proper use of this equipment will tone your buttocks, thighs, and legs. So it serves as full-body training equipment.

Since the spring is quite tight, it will help you work on your pectoral muscles, making them robust and toned.

If you are cumbersome or obese, losing some weight will keep diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments, and more at bay.

Sometimes people are reclusive, and they are not comfortable working out. It is the best option for such introverts to get a toned body within four walls of their abode.


Place your feet in the pedals, grip the handles, and slowly start pulling handle close to your chest and repeatedly do in back and forth motion.

Also, maintain a steady force to prevent your back from getting hurt by the equipment’s recoiling strength.

You can do it while sitting for abs workout and while standing for shoulder and biceps workout.

Also, for toning leg muscles, lying down on the floor, lifting the legs, and making an angle of 90 degrees with the waist. Place feet in the pedals and pull and push the handle repeatedly.

Remember, you should start the exercises from the basic ones and don not over-stretch your body. It may lead to sprains and strains, which will invite unnecessary troubles.


Well, exercising and maintaining healthy eating habits are equally important, and if you meddle one, the other one will be affected too, and you will not get desired results.

So you must avoid sugary and carbonated foods and drinks and avoid foods that contain trans-fat.

It would be best if you did not overstretch your muscles as it may tear the muscular tissue.

Consume foods rich in dietary fibers and proteins.

Close-up of a woman in sportswear measuring her waist


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Portable
  • Easy to store
  • Durable
  • Bigger pedals
  • Strong hinges
  • Robust stainless steel spring
  • Rust-free
  • Multi-utility equipment
  • One year service warranty
  • Pedal rotates 360 degrees
  • Premium quality
  • Best results
  • Numerous satisfied users
  • User-friendly

There are many tummy trimmers available in the market, and choosing the right one to suit all your needs is the tricky task. Mostly, people hear some excellent points about tummy trimmers and recklessly buy them without even knowing about it.

To ensure that you get the right product, you should check the quality of the product and reviews by various customers.

Inch down is the reputed manufacturer of tummy trimmer and abs exerciser with a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Also, the manufacturer tried to eradicate all the setbacks that the other similar equipment have. It enlarged the spring’s length by two inches for easy exercises and more extended pedals for those who have long feet.

In the bottom line, I will only say that the Inch down tummy trimmer and abs exerciser is the best all-rounder equipment that will work primarily on your core abdominal muscles. Combing the benefits of this product with a proper diet regime will give you the elite ever-lasting results that you probably will never get with any other supplement.

So it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Purchase this Inch down Tummy Trimmer and Abs Exerciser and do let me know in comment section whether you like the product or not?