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Someday we all dream about a relaxed life. After those hectic, stressful years of work, jobs, family responsibilities; we just want to sit & enjoy the future.

Now be aware of that dream. Because now the research showed that sitting for a longer time is most dangerous for us.

Scientists proved that excessive sitting leads to problems in insulin sensitivity, while others believe it also affects calorie expenditures as sitting increases.

Due to today’s lifestyle, most of us spend more than 8hrs sitting in the office chair & working without breaks. Prolong sitting hrs can have short- and long-term effects on your overall health & increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

When you sit, less energy is being utilized.

One of the studies took place when scientists found that bus drivers are more prone to early death due to heart disease than bus conductor. So they study these cases & found that driver has to sit & drive for more than 8hrs while the conductor has to walk up & down to the stairs.

However, a study of over 1 million people found that daily 1 hr of moderate exercise counters the effect of prolonged sitting.

 Another study found that sitting time contributed little to mortality for most active people.

More research has to be done on sitting habits & healthy life. However, it’s sure that less sitting & more physical activity help to keep you healthy & fit.

Due to these sitting habits, we have to face major side effects.


Prolong sitting & sedative lifestyle minimizes blood circulation. It directly affects the hormonal balance.

A study followed 9,000 middle-aged women and determined that those who sat longer and did not meet minimum exercise requirements suffered from depression at much higher rates compared with the women who sat less and exercised more. When it came to sitting, those who sat for more than seven hours a day were 47 percent more likely to suffer from depression than those who sat four hours or fewer.


The American Psychological Association said anxiety is an emotion of constant tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure.”

Researchers collected the data of more than 3000 people & found that there is a significant relationship between physical health & mental health. The researchers found that people who were sitting for more than 8hrs shown more symptoms than the people sitting for 3hrs.


Our body is made to be active. We can face dangerous consequences because sitting for a long time can results in lost muscle strength & flexibility because you are not using the muscles much. You will lose muscle mass & minerals in the body.

That will affect your metabolism that leads to an increase in fat deposition in the body. Hence if you want the healthiest body, challenge your muscles on a regular basis. Keep the language is activities life Swimming, Running or simple walking.


Disuse syndrome is basically a term used to define the effects on the body & mind due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Disuse syndrome is classified in 1984. Since it has in light concerning back pain, other chronic disorders & illnesses.

Inactivity of muscles further leads to atrophy. You may experience this if you had your hand or leg in a cast we can see a notable difference in a limb due to inactivity.

Cardiovascular effects also occur due to disuse including a decrease in oxygen uptake, a rise in systolic blood pressure, and an overall blood plasma volume decrease of 10 to 15 percent with extended bed rest.

Physical inactivity also affects the nervous system, which leads to a slow thinking process, Problem in memory & concentration.


Stiffness in hip muscles is a reflection of inactivity of your legs & hip for a prolonged period. It weakens the muscles & affects Blood circulation. Your gluteus muscles are some of the most crucial muscles in your legs. They are responsible maintain your balance. When you sit for a long hrs, your glutes are at rest and doing nothing but cushioning you. As these muscles lose their tone, you may experience trouble maintaining good balance.

Woman with hip joint pain. Sport exercising injury


Sitting for a long time increases your risk for colon, endometrial, and, possibly, lung cancer by 66%


A person who works out daily has more energy than an inactive person. Prolong sitting makes you feel fatigued. You may feel tired without any work.


Prolong sitting with no or less activity can increase the risk of dementia.

The brain is technically a muscle and needs constant activity to function well. Good blood flow makes the body & mid coordinate & work better.

Prolong sitting can also cause many health issues like Chronic pain, Over productive pancreas, Premature aging, heart disease, varicose vains& many more.

Even researchers found that prolong inactivity nil all the progress you have made by exercising. According to studies the number of oxygen people can uptake and use dives within a month of not training.

To get rid of prolong sitting & make wise choices.

Plan your movement breaks for each hour.

    Set an alarm for a short break every hour. Remind yourself to move. Take a quick 5 min. Walk or stand hand stretch your body.

Take a walk to have a glass of water. Walk up and down the staircase or simply stand for 5 min.

To avoid back pain practice child pose every day.

It’s simple, bend down & touch your toes according to your strength. There is another easy way to get instant pain to relief.

Lie down & hug your knees while lying down on your back.

These exercises allow the spine to move, stretch & get some relief.

With all these efforts eating healthy is also very important so you can avoid cravings or long-term issues like fatigue or hormonal imbalance. Also, it’s mandatory to exercise every day without fail.

After some days it will be part of your daily life.